An all-purpose fly line designed for tropical conditions with a 10ft clear intermediate tip.


General Purpose Tropical F/I

Float/1.5 ips
Clear Tip/Sea Grass
Float / 1.5 ips
Clear Tip / Sea Grass

General Purpose Tropical F/I


General Purpose Tropical F/I

Line Profile

RIO’s General Purpose Tropical Saltwater lines are designed for anglers that fish in warm climates for a multitude of species. The lines features short, powerful front tapers and are slightly heavier than the industry standard to cast large flies and load powerful saltwater rods with ease. Each line is built on a medium stiff core, has a hard, tropical coating that will not wilt in the heat, and features welded loops on both ends for easy rigging.

The F/I line is a floating line with a 10ft clear intermediate  tip for windy conditions, spooky fish and a little extra depth. The line has the following breaking strengths:

WF7 - 30lb
WF8 - 30lb
WF9 - 30lb
WF10 - 50lb
WF11 - 50lb
WF12 - 50lb