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A medium-stiff, nylon tapered leader designed for the steelhead, salmon fly fisher, and ideal for all Spey rods and lines.

Steelhead / Salmon Leader

$6.99 - $17.99

RIO’S Steelhead/Salmon Leaders are built to match the needs of the steelhead and salmon fly fisher. The leaders are made of a medium stiff nylon that is incredibly tough and highly abrasion resistant, and designed with a powerful taper design that easily turns over larger flies, and cope with tough winds. It is ideal for all Spey rods and lines, as well as for the single handed steelhead and salmon fly fisher. The leader is a glacial green in color and is available in 3 different length options; 6ft, 9ft and 12ft. Each length option is available between 8lb (0.011") and 20lb (0.017").

Steelhead/Salmon Leader - All Models

Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:SingleTest:8lb
Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:SingleTest:10lb
Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:SingleTest:12lb
Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:SingleTest:16lb
Length:12ft Pack:SingleTest:8lb
Length:12ft Pack:SingleTest:10lb
Length:12ft Pack:SingleTest:12lb
Length:12ft Pack:SingleTest:16lb
Length:12ft Pack:SingleTest:20lb
Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:3 PackTest:8lb
Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:3 PackTest:10lb
Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:3 PackTest:12lb
Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:3 PackTest:16lb
Length:9ft (2.7m)Pack:3 PackTest:20lb