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Spent Partridge Caddis

12 Pack

After a caddis has lived out it's mating duties, it will come to rest on the water's surface, destined to become a snack for some other living creature. The partridge wing and sparse hackling on this fly make a good imitation of this stage of a caddis' life.

Spent Partridge Caddis - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:OliveHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:18Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:TanHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:TanHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:TanHook Size:18Pack Size:12 Pack