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Sow Bug Soft Hackle TB

12 Pack

The Sow Bug Soft Hackle TB is the same as our Sow Bug Soft Hackle, but with a hot tungsten bead to wake up those sleepy winter trout, and to get a little extra depth in fast runs.

Sow Bug Soft Hackle TB - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:Pink/OrangeHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Pink/OrangeHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan/OrangeHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan/OrangeHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PinkHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PinkHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan/PinkHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan/PinkHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack