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A versatile body that combines Skagit power with Scandi grace.

RIO Scandi Body


The Scandi body is a short body to which a multitude of tips can be attached – it is the most versatile design of all, and blends Skagit power with Scandi grace. It is ideal for anglers that want to travel light, yet have multiple fishing options. To the front end of the body anglers can attach regular 10 ft & 15 ft tips, MOW tips, “T” tips, iMOW tips or VersiLeaders, and with three different body densities to choose from (floating, intermediate and Sink 4), all water conditions are covered.

For an accurate guideline of which tips match best to which body, check out the document “Making sense of RIO’s Spey Offerings” at Spey Central.

taper profile



ConnectCore is RIO’s ultra-low stretch core (maximum 6%) used in coldwater fly lines that provides incredibly sensitivity and control when casting and fishing.

Extreme Slickness

Extreme Slickness technology is a chemistry formulation that results in an ultra- slick line with dirt-repelling properties.



RIO’s printed line marking system that allows anglers to quickly and easily identify each line.

Front Welded Loop

A streamlined, bulletproof loop welded at the front of the fly line for fast and easy rigging.

Back Welded Loop

A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the end of the fly line for fast rigging to backing.

RIO Scandi Body - All Models

Line SizeSink Rate
line size:305gr | 6wtSink Rate:1.5 - 2ips
line size:350gr | 7wtSink Rate:1.5 - 2ips
line size:400gr | 8wtSink Rate:1.5 - 2ips
line size:455gr | 9wtSink Rate:1.5 - 2ips
line size:305gr | 6wtSink Rate:Float
line size:325gr | 6/7wtSink Rate:Float
line size:350gr | 7wtSink Rate:Float
line size:375gr | 7/8wtSink Rate:Float
line size:400gr | 8wtSink Rate:Float
line size:425gr | 8/9wtSink Rate:Float
line size:455gr | 9wtSink Rate:Float
line size:500gr | 10wtSink Rate:Float
line size:540gr | 11wtSink Rate:Float