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A tough, abrasion resistant, general purpose, knotless tapered saltwater leader.

Saltwater Leader


RIO's Saltwater leaders an excellent general purpose saltwater leader for a multitude of species. The leaders are made of a medium stiff nylon and have a taper design that easily turns over typical saltwater patterns and copes with tough winds. The leader is made of a material that is easy to knot and has great knot strength. Each leader is 10ft long and available from 8lb (0.010") to 40lb (0.024")

Saltwater Leader - All Models

Line Size
line size:10ft/25lb
line size:10ft/30lb
line size:10ft/40lb
line size:10ft/8lb
line size:10ft/12lb
line size:10ft/16lb
line size:10ft/20lb
line size:10ft/10lb