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( 12 Pack )

Let's get one thing clear; this is not your grandmother's or grandfather's basic Zebra Midge. No offense to grandma or grandpa, but it's time our beloved Zebra midge received a head-to-toe makeover. That's where RIO's TZM TB comes in. Tied on a scud hook with a matte black tungsten bead contrasts a shinny body layered with a protective coating—did you know real midges have shiny, sometimes mirror-like exteriors? The coating also acts as a protective barrier to trout teeth. Still the best fish-catching midge pupae/larvae out there, but an entirely new Zebra Midge.

RIO's TZM TB - All Models

ColorHook Size
Color:BlackHook Size:14
Color:Brown/OliveHook Size:14
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:14
Color:RedHook Size:14
Color:WineHook Size:14
Color:Rusty BrownHook Size:14
Color:BlackHook Size:16
Color:Brown/OliveHook Size:16
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:16
Color:RedHook Size:16
Color:WineHook Size:16
Color:Rusty BrownHook Size:16
Color:BlackHook Size:18
Color:Brown/OliveHook Size:18
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:18
Color:RedHook Size:18
Color:WineHook Size:18
Color:Rusty BrownHook Size:18