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RIO's Tightline Caddis

12 Pack

On most days during summer, adult female caddisflies return to the water to lay their eggs. They skitter, dance and dive to complete the cycle of life. RIO’s Tightline Caddis is best fished as its name implies, across and down. Designed for the trout Spey crowd, this fly will allow you to cast across the current and float briefly on a dead drift. It will then pull under and swing just subsurface, mimicking the egg laying caddis. The CDC and Poly materials traps air and release bubbles just like the naturals. The grabs on this fly are not gentle. Size 10, 12 and 14.

RIO's Tightline Caddis - All Models

color option flieshook size fliespack size
Brown 10 12 Pack
Brown 12 12 Pack
Brown 14 12 Pack