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RIO's Pupa Scoopa TB

12 Pack

Caddis are prevalant in most rivers so having a good pupa/larva pattern in your fly box is key. RIO's Pupa Scoopa is a workhorse. 5 key colors to match the hatch in your waterway. One being a unique blue-green color that matches the free living rock worm very well. The messy dubbing serves as legs and thorax. The black tungsten bead makes the perfect caddis head. This can be fished alone, as a dropper behind a foam fly, under an indicator or on a euro rig.

RIO's Pupa Scoopa TB - All Models

Pack SizeHook SizeColor
12 Pack 14 Caddis Green
12 Pack 16 Caddis Green
12 Pack 14 Chartreuse
12 Pack 16 Chartreuse
12 Pack 14 Honey
12 Pack 16 Honey
12 Pack 14 Olive
12 Pack 16 Olive
12 Pack 14 Tan
12 Pack 16 Tan