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RIO's Playbate

$5.99 / $43.99

Having a selection of general-purpose flies that work for a large range of species and cover the most number of fisheries makes a lot of sense. The RIO Playbate is one of these patterns. This fly is tied on a large stainless hook in order to make it useable in both fresh and salt, and comes in a variety of colors that will get everything from a giant trevally to a pike to bite. The broad profile stands out well in deeper saltwater fisheries, and have proven very successful for dorado, roosterfish, snook, and tarpon in particular.

RIO's Playbate - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:BlackHook Size:2/0Pack Size:6 Pack
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:2/0Pack Size:6 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:2/0Pack Size:6 Pack
Color:RedHook Size:2/0Pack Size:6 Pack
Color:BlackHook Size:2/0Pack Size:Single Pack
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:2/0Pack Size:Single Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:2/0Pack Size:Single Pack