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RIO's Pearl Jam

12 Pack

Flashy nymphs like the Lightning Bug might be the most reputable nymph in an anglers fly box when it comes to catching trout. So how do you reimagine a nymph as old as time? Step one make it Euro-friendly with a barbless jig hook and tungsten bead. Next, swap out natural fibers for flash on the tails and legs. And finally, instead of going all out with flash, opt for dark colors, which add just enough realism to make even the weariest trout commital. Offered in a variety of colors for all situations. On noon patrol? Tie on Pheasant Tail (brown) color to imitate PMD's. Are you searching for the balance between realistic and flashy? Tie on a black or olive version. Or make sure your fly takes center stage in the river with chartreuse, fl orange, and red versions.

RIO's Pearl Jam - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:BlackHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:BlackHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:BlackHook Size:18Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:BlackHook Size:20Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:18Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:20Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Fl. OrangeHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Fl. OrangeHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Fl. OrangeHook Size:18Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Fl. OrangeHook Size:20Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:18Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:20Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PTHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PTHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PTHook Size:18Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PTHook Size:20Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:RedHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:RedHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:RedHook Size:18Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:RedHook Size:20Pack Size:12 Pack