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RIO's May It Be

12 Pack

When it comes to fishing a mayfly nymph in a river it's hard to beat baetis and PMDs. Mayflies are very slim so RIO's May It Be is tied with alternating vinyl and wire to keep the segmented body very slim. We offer both body colors with three of the most popular tungsten bead colors (copper, gold and silver) so anglers can find the best match for the water and light conditions they are fishing. You can fish this while Euro Nymphing, indicator fishing, or as a dropper under your favorite foam dry.

RIO's May It Be - All Models

ColorHook SizeBead SizePack Size
Baetis 16 C2.8mm 12 Pack
Baetis 18 C2.3mm 12 Pack
Baetis 20 C2.0mm 12 Pack
Baetis 16 G2.8mm 12 Pack
Baetis 18 G2.3mm 12 Pack
Baetis 20 G2.0mm 12 Pack
Baetis 16 S2.8mm 12 Pack
Baetis 18 S2.3mm 12 Pack
Baetis 20 S2.0mm 12 Pack
PT 16 C2.8mm 12 Pack
PT 18 C2.3mm 12 Pack
PT 20 C2.0mm 12 Pack
PT 16 G2.8mm 12 Pack
PT 18 G2.3mm 12 Pack
PT 20 G2.0mm 12 Pack
PT 16 S2.8mm 12 Pack
PT 18 S2.3mm 12 Pack
PT 20 S2.0mm 12 Pack