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RIO's Juicy Stone

12 Pack

RIO's Juicy Stone pushes the boundaries of a realistic fly that is very fishable. The fishability of this pattern was the first consideration. The hook is heavy and helps the fly land correctly. The biot tails are secured inside the foam for added durability. The antennae are placed well above the hook eye which helps keep it out of the tippet. The wings shed water and offer good translucency. The bonus is that the body colors, the body dimensions, and legs and antennae placements are spot on to the real thing. You're going to wish stonefly season was longer.

RIO's Juicy Stone - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:GoldenHook Size:8Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:GoldenHook Size:10Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:SalmonflyHook Size:4Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:SalmonflyHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:SalmonflyHook Size:8Pack Size:12 Pack