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RIO's French Dip TB - Light Pink Bead

12 Pack

A tungsten jigged pheasant tail with a hot spot is a well known and deadly Euro nymph pattern. RIO's French Dip is an excellent bug for Euro nymphing with small flash legs to give more life and movement to the bug, and tied on a barbless hook. We want anglers to be able to fully outfit an entire fly box with this one pattern, and offer it with a gold tungsten bead for maximum flash, and in a matte black bead for least flash. With five proven colors of dubbing/legs offered in each bead choice, three hook sizes, and two bead sizes per pattern, this give anglers an awesome range of options to dial in weight, size, color and flashiness for each piece of water. No fish is safe.

RIO's French Dip TB - Light Pink Bead - All Models

Pack SizeBead SizeHook SizeColor
12 Pack 2.8mm 16 Chartreuse
12 Pack 2.8mm 16 Hot Orange
12 Pack 2.8mm 16 Pink
12 Pack 2.8mm 16 Purple
12 Pack 2.8mm 16 Shrimp
12 Pack 2.8mm 14 Chartreuse
12 Pack 2.8mm 14 Hot Orange
12 Pack 2.8mm 14 Pink
12 Pack 2.8mm 14 Purple
12 Pack 2.8mm 14 Shrimp
12 Pack 3.3mm 14 Chartreuse
12 Pack 3.3mm 14 Hot Orange
12 Pack 3.3mm 14 Pink
12 Pack 3.3mm 14 Purple
12 Pack 3.3mm 14 Shrimp