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RIO's Foam Slice Frog

6 Pack

RIO's Foam Slice Frog is a killer topwater frog pattern for bass. The frog sits with it's legs and backside down in the water, and it's head and eyes out, giving it a very realistic appearance. It has been designed to rollover if it lands upside-down so that the hook point is always up, and has a weed guard protecting the hook point, which allows this pattern to be fished in the heavy cover. It is most effective fished slow. Cast, let the rings die out for a 10 count, and if it hasn't been eaten, just twitch it.

RIO's Foam Slice Frog - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:BlackHook Size:2/0Pack Size:6 Pack
Color:ChartreuseHook Size:2/0Pack Size:6 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:2/0Pack Size:6 Pack