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RIO's Anty Raid TB

12 Pack

One of our favorite droppers behind a hopper is a sunken ant. Flying ants end up in the water due to their large wings being blown by the wind, and trout love a flying ant feast. RIO's Anty Raid represents a submerged flying ant with a glass bead version for a very light shallow water bug, and a tungsten bead version for getting deep, or in faster water. Both versions are tied on a barbless hook.

RIO's Anty Raid TB - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:TB Black/RedHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:TB CinnamonHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Glass Black/RedHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Glass CinnamonHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack