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RIO's Animal

12 Pack

Intruder style flies are a popular choice for many fall and winter steelhead anglers. These flies offer a large profile in the water and weighted eyes to get down, but are sparse enough to cast easily on your favorite RIO Skagit head. RIO’s Animal is a 3" long tube, tied "intruder style" and backwards (reverse) on the tube. This allows the materials to fight against themselves and keep a large profile without bulk. The tube is paired with an ultra-strong, octopus style hook for solid hook penetration and maximum hold when fighting a fish, With multiple color options you’re assured to find the one that gives you the most confidence.

RIO's Animal - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:Black & BlueHook Size:3Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Black & RedHook Size:3Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Pink & OrangeHook Size:3Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Pink & PurpleHook Size:3Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Pink & WhiteHook Size:3Pack Size:12 Pack