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Powerful, easy casting shooting heads that make long distance casts simple.

OutBound Short Shooting Head


RIOβ€˜s shooting heads are based on the popular OutBound Short lines, and are designed to cast very long distances. The front loaded weight distribution quickly loads a rod, while the unique step down taper at the back allows for very long flight times and easy distance. The heads are built two sizes above the AFTM standard to correctly load modern rods - anglers do not need to step up a line size when choosing a line for their rod, as this is done in the design. Each head has an EasyID loop at the back end for quick recognition.

RIO recommends attaching the following head sizes to these shooting lines sizes:

  • ST7 to ST8 – 0.024”/0.026” shooting line, or 25lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
  • ST8 to ST10 – 0.030”/0.032” shooting line or 35lb SlickShooter/GripShooter

    taper profile


    Extreme Slickness

    Extreme Slickness technology is a chemistry formulation that results in an ultra- slick line with dirt-repelling properties.



    RIO’s printed line marking system that allows anglers to quickly and easily identify each line.

    Front Welded Loop

    A streamlined, bulletproof loop welded at the front of the fly line for fast and easy rigging.

    Back Welded Loop

    A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the end of the fly line for fast rigging to backing.

    Density Compensation

    Adds a denser material to the thin tip of a sinking line (or sink tip), which ensures the line sinks straight.

    OutBound Short Shooting Head - All Models

    Line SizeLine ColorSink Rate
    line size:ST7S1/265grLine Color:MossSink Rate:1.0ips
    line size:ST8S1/315grLine Color:MossSink Rate:1.0ips
    line size:ST9S1/375grLine Color:MossSink Rate:1.0ips
    line size:ST10S1/425grLine Color:MossSink Rate:1.0ips
    line size:ST7F/265grLine Color:MossSink Rate:Float
    line size:ST7I/265grLine Color:ClearSink Rate:1.5 - 2ips
    line size:ST7S3/265grLine Color:BrownSink Rate:3 - 4ips
    line size:ST7S6/265grLine Color:BlackSink Rate:6 - 7ips
    line size:ST8F/315grLine Color:MossSink Rate:Float
    line size:ST9F/375grLine Color:MossSink Rate:Float
    line size:ST10F/425grLine Color:MossSink Rate:Float
    line size:ST8I/315grLine Color:ClearSink Rate:1.5 - 2ips
    line size:ST9I/375grLine Color:ClearSink Rate:1.5 - 2ips
    line size:ST10I/425grLine Color:ClearSink Rate:1.5 - 2ips
    line size:ST8S3/315grLine Color:BrownSink Rate:3 - 4ips
    line size:ST9S3/375grLine Color:BrownSink Rate:3 - 4ips
    line size:ST10S3/425grLine Color:BrownSink Rate:3 - 4ips
    line size:ST8S6/315grLine Color:BlackSink Rate:6 - 7ips
    line size:ST9S6/375grLine Color:BlackSink Rate:6 - 7ips
    line size:ST10S6/425grLine Color:BlackSink Rate:6 - 7ips