Short, powerful shooting heads designed for lightweight Trout Spey & Switch rods.

Skagit Trout Max

150gr | 1wt
175gr | 1/2wt
200gr | 2wt
225gr | 2/3wt
250gr | 3wt
275gr | 3/4wt
300gr | 4wt
325gr | 4/5wt

Skagit Trout Max


Skagit Trout Max

Line Profile

RIO's Skagit Trout Max heads are short, powerful shooting heads designed for lightweight Trout Spey and Switch rods, as well as for single handed rods.

Their mass distribution allows for easy, sustained-anchor casts with sink tips and weighted flies. Coupled with floating tips and long tapered leaders, the heads delicately present nymphs and soft hackles. The short head length makes them fantastic tools for casting in the tightest of quarters, and well suited to a wide range of fly presentation techniques, such as stripping, jigging and traditional downstream swinging.

These heads need a shooting line at the back end, and some kind of tip at the front end. We recommend Light iMOW Tips, T-8, 10ft Replacement Tips or Scandi VersiLeaders for the best match.

Though primarily designed for two handed rods, these heads perform exceptionally well on single handed rods. Just step down 3 line sizes for the correct loading. In other words, if you have a 5wt trout rod, get the 2wt Skagit Trout Max. If you have a 6wt trout rod, get the 3wt Skagit Trout Max, and so on.

The heads are built on RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for the maximum in bite detection, hook set, and fish playing control.