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A powerful, interchangeable tip fly line, with ultra-low stretch performance.


InTouch VersiTip II

InTouch VersiTip IIInTouch VersiTip II
Float with 4 Tips
Straw/Light Green
Float with 4 Tips
Straw / Light Green

InTouch VersiTip II


InTouch VersiTip II

Line Profile

RIO’s InTouch VersiTip II is a powerful, easy casting interchangeable tip fly line designed for the traveling angler. Built with RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology, each line comes with a selection of interchangeable tips that allow anglers to switch tips as fishing and water conditions change. A unique mending and handling section at the back end of the head enables anglers to mend effectively and control the way the fly fishes at range. Ultra strong, slim welded loops on both ends of each tip makes for super-fast rigging.

The VersiTip lines are packaged with four 15ft tips, as follows:

Floating (F), straw color
Intermediate (I), 1.5-2 ips, gray with gray loop
Sink 3 (S3), 3-4 ips, brown with yellow loop
Sink 6 (S6), 6-7 ips, black with gray loop