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InTouch Salmo/Steelhead
InTouch Salmo/Steelhead

Specifically designed for the demands of the steelhead and salmon fly fisher

InTouch Salmon / Steelhead


RIO’s InTouch Salmo/Steelhead line has been specifically designed to meet the demands of the modern steelhead and salmon fly fisher. The long head and rear taper allow anglers to mend and control the fly at great distance when fishing the swing. A powerful bullet front taper ensures the line easily handles large steelhead and salmon flies, while the rear weight distribution makes this a great line for single handed roll and spey casting. The line is built with a supple coldwater coating that ensures the line remains tangle-free. Built with ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology for the maximum in sensitivity, control and performance. 

The new F/S1 option has a long “hover” (1ips) super slow sinking head, seamlessly integrated into a floating rear taper and running line. This is a fantastic line for swinging just under the surface with small light flies that tend to skate and for windy days when the wind can affect the swing. It is a deadly line for Atlantic salmon and summer steelhead.

taper profile



AgentX is a dual layered fly line that utilizes a high floating inner coating made with more buoyant microspheres covered by a tough outer coating for maximum durability.


ConnectCore is RIO’s ultra-low stretch core (maximum 6%) used in coldwater fly lines that provides incredibly sensitivity and control when casting and fishing.

Extreme Slickness

Extreme Slickness technology is a chemistry formulation that results in an ultra- slick line with dirt-repelling properties.



Marks the sweet spot of a fly line by providing an obvious color change in the line at the sweet spot.

Front Welded Loop

A streamlined, bulletproof loop welded at the front of the fly line for fast and easy rigging.

Back Welded Loop

A neat, bulletproof loop welded at the end of the fly line for fast rigging to backing.

InTouch Salmon/Steelhead - All Models

Line SizeSink Rate
line size:WF6FSink Rate:Float
line size:WF7FSink Rate:Float
line size:WF8FSink Rate:Float
line size:WF9FSink Rate:Float
line size:WF10FSink Rate:Float
line size:WF7F/S1Sink Rate:Float/1.0ips
line size:WF8F/S1Sink Rate:Float/1.0ips
line size:WF9F/S1Sink Rate:Float/1.0ips