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LONG POWERFUL TIPS designed to cast large flies


InTouch Long MOW Tips

Medium (T-11)
Heavy (T-14)
Extra Heavy (T-17)
15ft Float
10ft Float/5ft T-11
7.5ft Float/7.5ft T-11
5ft Float/10ft T-11
2.5ft Float/12.5ft T-11
15ft T-11
10ft Float/5ft T-14
7.5ft Float/7.5ft T-14
5ft Float/10ft T-14
2.5ft Float/12.5ft T-14
15ft T-14
10ft Float/5ft T-17
7.5ft Float/7.5ft T-17
5ft Float/10ft T-17
2.5ft Float/12.5ft T-17
15ft T-17

InTouch Long MOW Tips


InTouch Long MOW Tips

Line Profile

RIO’S INTOUCH LONG MOW TIPS are powerful tips designed to cast large flies. Each tip is 15ft in length, with varying lengths of floating/sinking sections. These Long MOW Tips are perfect for Spey rods of 13ft and bigger, and for casters that find regular MOW tips too short and continuously blow their anchor. All Long MOW tips are built on RIO’s ConnectCore for ultra-low stretch performance.