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Holo Prince

12 Pack

A very effective attractor nymph pattern, particularly good in waters known to have caddis. The sparkly dubbing and curved hook shank gives this fly very attractive qualities.

Holo Prince - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:BlueHook Size:12Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:BlueHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:BlueHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PurpleHook Size:12Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PurpleHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:PurpleHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:RedHook Size:12Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:RedHook Size:14Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:RedHook Size:16Pack Size:12 Pack