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Film Critic


( 12 Pack )

Hands down one of the best mayfly emergers in the game, the Film Critic shines on technical waters, especially spring creeks. It represents a hatching mayfly at its most vulnerable stage, giving trout an easy meal. Tied on a scud hook for added realism, with a tail that looks identical to an empty body casing as the insect emerges. A segmented body and forward-facing poly wing provide an accurate silhouette, and the top hackle of the thorax keeps this fly riding in the surface film.

Film Critic - All Models

ColorHook Size
Color:BWOHook Size:16
Color:BWOHook Size:18
Color:BWOHook Size:20
Color:CallibaetisHook Size:14
Color:CallibaetisHook Size:16
Color:FlavHook Size:14
Color:Gray DrakeHook Size:10
Color:Gray DrakeHook Size:12
Color:Green DrakeHook Size:10
Color:Green DrakeHook Size:12
Color:PinkHook Size:16
Color:PinkHook Size:18
Color:PMDHook Size:16
Color:PMDHook Size:18