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CH Bow River Bugger

12 Pack

The Bow River in Calgary is the home of some large trout, and an excellent streamer river that this fly was named after. This pattern is deadly when a streamer is needed, and great for getting down and searching for those large trout.

CH Bow River Bugger - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:Black & OliveHook Size:2Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Black & OliveHook Size:4Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Black & OliveHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:2Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:4Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:OliveHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Rusty BrownHook Size:2Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Rusty BrownHook Size:4Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Rusty BrownHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:WhiteHook Size:2Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:WhiteHook Size:4Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:WhiteHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack