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12 Pack

This foam hopper uses 3 layers of foam to indicate the multiple colors of the real insects, while the rubber legs give balance and realism. This pattern is wonderful for adding a trailing dropper pattern of your choice.

BLT - All Models

ColorHook SizePack Size
Color:Brown & GoldHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Brown & GoldHook Size:8Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Brown & GoldHook Size:10Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Gray & FleshHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Gray & FleshHook Size:8Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Gray & FleshHook Size:10Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan & GreenHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan & GreenHook Size:8Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan & GreenHook Size:10Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan & YellowHook Size:6Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan & YellowHook Size:8Pack Size:12 Pack
Color:Tan & YellowHook Size:10Pack Size:12 Pack