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Basic Trout Assortment


( Pack )

Our Basic Trout Assortment includes seven of the most popular and important flies for the trout angler. We have selected three dry flies representing a mayfly, a stonefly/hopper and a caddis, one soft hackle to imitate an emerging mayfly or caddis, two bead head nymphs for trout feeding on midges, mayflies and caddis, and a bead head bugger that represents minnows or leeches.

This assortment includes the following flies:

1. BH Woolly Bugger – Peacock, Size 10
2. Chubby Chernobyl – Purple, Size 12
3. CJ – Red, Size 16
4. Elk Hair Caddis – Tan, Size 16
5. Parachute Adams - Calf, Size 16
6. Partridge Soft Hackle – Pheasant, Size 16
7. Prince Bead – Peacock, Size 14