VersiTip II for Traveling Anglers


October 3, 2012 (Idaho Falls, Idaho) – RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, is proud to introduce an easy-casting, super-versatile interchangeable tip fly line called the VersiTip II.

The new VersiTip II has a short, powerful, front-loaded head for long, effortless distance casts and every line comes supplied with four, 15-foot interchangeable tips – each built with bullet-proof, slim welded loops on both ends for the fastest in rigging.

The four included 15 ft tips are a floating tip, a clear intermediate tip with a sink rate of 1.5 – 2 inches per second (ips), a density compensated, Type 3 Sink tip with a sink rate of 3-4ips, and a density compensated Type 6 Sink tip with a sink rate of 6-7ips. The rapid changing nature of the VersiTip II fly line allows anglers to switch tips as fishing and water conditions change.