Top Tips For Summer Time Stripers

By Captain Gene Quigley


Every summer in the Northeast Striped bass turn their feeding patterns from day to night, hunting sand eels and spearing in the shallow beach fronts and backwaters. At this time of year, fly anglers should shift gears and focus efforts to the dark; specifically during the wee hours of the morning just before false light, for it is at this time when Stripers seem to feed at their heaviest.

With this new time comes new tactics. The flies, lines and retrieves we choose change in order to allow us to “match the hatch” within a specific range of the water column, but also allowing us to feel the cast and the load of the line with more intensity without the assistance of daylight. For flies, sparsely tied sand eel and spearing imitations such as surf candies, deceivers, and flat wings are all strong choices. Fly color also comes into play in the darkness, and anglers should choose dark materials such and black or purple as these darker colors have stronger silhouettes in the water.