Tips for a Saltwater Flat

by Barry Beck


A light breeze blows in over the pancake flat in front of my temporary office. I sit here under a weathered umbrella, my HP laptop open with two local dogs under my rickety table. The black lab named “Tarpon” is snoring peacefully while a smaller mixed whatchamacallit character has his head cocked and is staring with an uncanny smile in my direction. His head turns from side to side and he’s kind of funny but it distracts me from the blog that I am supposed to be writing. Both dogs have shared my lunch and Tarpon seems content, but I think my other friend is looking for dessert.

Living on the road for most of the year, my office is often wherever I can find a place to work. Today it’s on a beautiful small key off the Island of Los Roques, Venezuela. I watch as two of our clients and their guide slowly fish their way across the flat. It’s been a good morning with fine weather and lots of tailing bonefish. Life is good here and our Frontiers group of anglers have had an exceptionally good week of fishing.

Over breakfast this morning my wife, Cathy, who shares the hosting responsibilities suggested that we write about some things to remember when fishing a saltwater flat to our Frontiers pre trip information. She recalled a few comments that she heard from a guest this week and the more we discussed her ideas the more I thought that it would make a great blog. Boy I am glad I thought of it!! So, here are my thoughts: