The Blue Man

By Silja Longhurst


Scandinavia in the summer is beautiful. Everything is green; the scent of summer flowers, pinewoods, meadows and the crispy air on the ‘Fjell’ lets your heart leap in silence. You feel deeply connected to nature and the meaning of life and just one thing flows through your mind – peace. In the distance you hear the sound of water; bubbling, rushing, and swirling its way through rough and smooth terrain. It flows in even and uneven currents, through rapids and into deep holes.The water has a clear vision of where it is heading and so do I – to the nearest fishing hole. As I walk the bank, my attention is snatched by the sound of a little ‘slurp’ from the river, and my previous deep connection to nature and the meaning of life evaporates instantly, to be replaced by just one thought – Fish!