Spey Casters Get A Sophisticated Line With RIO’s New InTouch Long Head Spey

RIO Products

RIO Products, industry-leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders, tippet, and accessories brings the InTouch Long Head Spey line to market.

RIO’s new InTouch Long Head Spey line is a long belly Spey line, designed for anglers who fish larger rivers with long, two-handed Spey rods. It is also useful for Spey casters who wish to reduce the amount of line they have to strip in between each cast. The line is designed with a rear weight distribution that loads the rod easily and a unique front taper design that effortlessly transmits energy to the very end of the cast, ensuring effortless casts that unroll with ease.

In addition, building the line on the ultra-low stretch ConnectCore eliminates the bungee effect of a normal core providing incredible energy transfer and high, dynamic line speed.

The InTouch Long Head Spey line is available in sizes 7/8 to 10/11, with head lengths between 64ft and 70ft, depending on the line size. It has a light peach head with an orange “Loading Zone” that ensures casters know where the line is best cast and a straw colored running line. Anglers can find this line at any RIO dealer for $99.95.