RIO's SlickCast Explained

RIO Products

Out Cast. Out Last.

SlickCast is the latest coating technology developed by RIO's R&D team, resulting in the most sophisticated, radically advanced fly line coating ever made.

A fly line made with SlickCast is ultra-slick and incredibly tough, and this video explains and demonstrates the lab tests we conduct to determine how good this new coating is.

Watch the video to see the two distinct advantages a line with built with SlickCast Technology has – both in slickness and in durability.

1) SlickCast produces a fly line with the slickest coatings ever measured in a fly line. This means longer casts, more efficient casting strokes, and makes it a lot easier to shoot and feed line when mending and fishing.

2) In addition, SlickCast coatings are incredibly tough, durable and long-lasting. A fly line made with SlickCast is far more resistant to cracking than regular fly lines and beyond comparison when measuring how long it takes for the coating to start being abraded off the line. Our tests show that lines with a SlickCast coating last 140% longer in an abrasion test than everything else we tested. That is a very impressive improvement and shows that SlickCast creates one tough fly line!