Seasons Of the Bass

By John Barr


I live in Colorado and our bass season runs March through October. Like many animals reproduction is the most important element in the life of a bass and it plays a significant role in bass behavior and how we fish for them.

I like to break down the season as pre-spawn, spawn and post spawn. Keep in mind that all of the bass in a given fisheries do not spawn at the same time. Spawning usually takes place in the spring over a period of around six weeks, but it can vary.

There are many environmental factors that affect bass behavior but by far the most significant is the water temperature. Bass can tolerate a wide range of water temperatures from the 30’s to the low 90’s but fly fishers are most successful when the water is around 50 degrees through mid 70’s. I start fishing at ice out when the water might be 40 degrees and scratch out fish but as the water warms the bite improves.