Season in Review

By Capt. Quigley


It has been another interesting fly fishing season here on the Jersey Shore, filled with ups and downs, big fish and small. Because of our very mild 2011/2012 winter, the season started for us here in the Garden State two months prior to its normal timing, In fact, for some the season never stopped, and Striped bass stayed in our ocean waters along the outer beaches all winter long. To start things off during the months of March and April, we saw a huge influx of herring and sand eels, which brought the stripers in close to shore and gave fly anglers with small skiff’s great fishing from dawn till dusk. Surf anglers were greeted at night with nice sized Stripers on the edges of the sand bars and in the deep holes chasing sand eels. Long Popovics Jiggy flies, Half & Halfs, and bucktails deceivers where the flies of choice. With the fish being fairly high in the water column the RIO Outbound Short’s were the fly line of choice for both surf and boat anglers.