Rooster Fishing

By Capt. Brian Horsley | RIO


Every angler has been told “You should have been here last week.” Who are those guys who were there last week? This spring in Baja we were those guys. We walked into a week of red hot rooster fishing.

Everyone has a favorite fish — you know, the one that really trips your trigger. Roosters are at my pinnacle of fly rod inshore gamefish. What makes them so special is that even when the rooster fishing is red hot and on fire, they are still difficult to catch. Just because you made the perfect cast and retrieve does not guarantee a bite or even a follow. Rejection is the norm, so leave your ego on the beach or it will end up bruised.

Most rooster stories involve fly anglers running down the beach chasing cruising roosters. But if I am traveling 1,500 miles, I want to give myself the most possible shots, and running does not fit into the equation. A 23-foot panga is more my style.