RIO Suppleflex

by Aaron Jasper


Here in the eastern half of the United States we have many highly pressured trout streams. This is largely due to the fact that many of these waterways are only a few hours away from several large population centers, such as New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC. As a result anglers need every advantage they can get to fool some of the most wary trout in the country.

On a recent trip to France, where I was met with the most wary trout that I have ever seen. I was introduced to a leader manufactured by a French fly fishing company. The leader was extremely supple and the tippet that was made to match up to the leader had the same properties. We were fishing a leader, which was around twenty feet in length. The leader consisted of a 14 foot section tapered down to 4X, with a one foot piece of 5X added to the leader. From there we added a 6 foot piece of 6X tippet to the end of the leader. This longer leader eliminated much of the drag, which occurs when there are varying surface currents.