RIO's Choosing a Spey Line

from rio products

This short film is a fantastic tool to help anglers choose the ideal Spey line for their specific angling needs. Initially it breaks down the Spey line world into simple to understand categories and guidelines, before going into a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the benefits and assets of each Spey line/head that RIO manufactures.

This film highlights the Skagit Max and Scandi heads, as well as traditional Spey line designs. Since this film was shot, the Traditional series of Spey lines have been improved and replaced. Apart from taper changes, the main difference is that the new Traditional Spey lines feature RIO's ultra-low stretch ConnectCore - which drastically improves loading, line speed and loop control.

The "UniSpey" has been replaced with the InTouch Mid Head Spey line, while the "Power Spey" has been replaced with the InTouch Long Head Spey line. The InTouch Short Head has not changed.

For more information on the Switch lines used, see the InTouch Switch line and the InTouch Switch Chucker