Remove Memory From A Fly Line

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In this week’s RIO Fly Fishing Tip, Josh Zelina shows how to remove memory (coils) from a fly line. Line memory is created by the fly line being stored on a reel and when stripped off the line "remembers" the round shape of the reel, and tries to stay that way. A simple stretch is all that is required to pull this memory out, as Josh demonstrates.

Josh also shows what line twist is, and how to remove that. Line twist is very different from line memory, and is only caused by the action of the fly fisher - whether spooling it up incorrectly to start, casting with an elliptical casting stroke, or using a fly with an off set wing. All those factors can put twist in your line and cause frustrating tangles. As Josh shows, it is very easy to remove any twist that might develop.

RIO's Fly Fishing Tips series are short, less-than-a-minute videos, each bought to you by a RIO employee or ambassador and showing a single fly fishing tip to help you become a better fly fisher. The series includes freshwater, saltwater and Spey topics, and a mix of casting, fishing and gear tips - some basic, some technical, and everything in between.

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