Midge Fishing With A Sighter

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In winter, with snow on the river banks, about the only dry fly action you are likely to get is fishing tiny midges in the warmer part of the day. The trouble is, seeing these tiny dry flies at a range of 30 feet or more is nigh on impossible for many anglers, and that is where today's RIO Fly Fishing Tip can pay off in spades.

This week’s RIO Fly Fishing Tip shows how to use a more visible "sighter" type dry fly, tied about 18" from the midge, to give you a great visual of roughly where to look for your microscopic dry fly.

RIO's Fly Fishing Tips series are short, less-than-a-minute videos, each bought to you by a RIO employee or ambassador and showing a single fly fishing tip to help you become a better fly fisher. The series includes freshwater, saltwater and Spey topics, and a mix of casting, fishing and gear tips - some basic, some technical, and everything in between.

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