RIO's InTouch Long MOW Tips

RIO Products

In this video Simon Gawesworth talks about RIO's InTouch Long MOW tips. Unlike standard "MOW" tips, the Long MOW Tips are all 15ft in length, and feature varying ratios of floating and sinking line that total 15ft. There is a 15ft floating tip, a 10ft flt/5ft sink, a 7.5ft flt/7.5ft sink, a 5ft flt/10ft sink, a 2.5ft flt/12.5ft sink and a full 15ft sinking tip.

Available in Medium (T-11), Heavy (T-14) and Extra Heavy (T-17) these tips are ideal for salmon and steelhead anglers that cast big flies with Skagit lines and particularly on longer Spey rods - rods in excess of 13ft. Using a long tip with a long Spey rod is one of the easiest ways to avoid "blowing the anchor" when casting, and getting better distance, turnover and presentation of the cast.