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RIO's InTouch 3D MOW Tips

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In this video Simon Gawesworth talks about RIO's revolutionary InTouch 3D MOW tips. RIO's 3D MOW Tips are sinking tips designed for Skagit heads & lines, and particularly for casting big flies. Each tip is made up of a blend of 3 different sinking densities (hence "3D"), with the fastest sinking section at the front end. This blend of densities give the very best fly presentation in the water column, and ensure a really smooth cast and turnover of big flies.

Available in Light, Medium & Heavy options, each with three different 3D blends - I/S3/S4, S3/S4/S5 & S5/S6/S7 - these tips are an excellent addition to any Skagit head, and the perfect accompaniment to multi density Skagit heads like RIO's Skagit Max GameChanger.