Getting DEEP – Deep Water Fishing,

By Captain Gene Quigley | RIO


With summer upon is here along the New England coast water temperatures will begin to warm sending our Striped bass and Bluefin into cooler deeper waters. As fly anglers, this presents a challenge, especially when faces with rough waters and moving currents. During the spring months, anglers enjoy using floating and intermediate lines to catch Stripers and Blues feeding frivolously close to the surface. When the fish go deep, it’s time to get deep. To do this anglers must be prepared with sinking lines and tactics and techniques that allow them to present the fly ten, twenty, and even thirty feet below the waters surface.

Fly rods and reels for deep-water striper fishing should be your standard ten weight outfits. Your success with this type of fishery truly comes down to choosing the proper fly line and utilizing the right techniques to obtain deep presentations. Nothing less than a 450 grain sinking line will suffice. In fact a 550 grain T-14 would all be better choices for depths greater than twenty feet.