George Daniel

Lamar, PA

The great thing about this fly fishing is there’s always something to learn, which keeps me motivated.

Waters you call home

Big Fishing Creek, Spring Creek, Little J, and Penns

Funny Fact

Although I wrote a book on nymph fishing-it’s my least favorite tactic

Personal beliefs on fly fishing

Keep a beginner’s mindset and you’ll never get bored with this great activity.

Species you specialize in

Trout but want to expand into other species in the coming years.

Preferred fishing method

Love tossing streamers from a drift boat

Favorite RIO Line

RIO Gold-In Touch


The company’s dedication to making the best fly lines through pursuing the best components and technology available.

Favorite Knot

Davy Knot-quick, easy, and strong

Special Rigging Techniques

Keep a working box of flies. Too often anglers carry way too many flies and become overwhelmed when looking through their box. A working box contains the patterns you plan to fish with for the day – a small box that is easily accessible that can be hung around your next or fits easily into a small pocket.

Best Fly Fishing Tip

Find a mentor to keep you motivated to learn as much as you can. A good mentor can speed up the learning curve. My mentor, Joe Humphreys still keeps me humble and motivated to this very day.

Parting thoughts

Fly fishing is what you make it. That is, you can learn the bare minimum and catch fish, or you can take it to the next level-trying to improve every aspect of your game. The great thing about this activity is there’s always something to learn, which keeps me motivated.

Also, find someone to fish with that enjoys it as much as you do. My best days on the water are with my wife, along with our two children, Logan and Evangeline. The experience is so much better when you share it with someone else.