Geneviève Fournier

Gaspé, Quebec, Canada

Waters you call home

I have to say the Gaspé’s rivers, York, Dartmouth and Saint-Jean, because they are in my hometown, and even in my backyard. So I definitely feel at home there more than anywhere else in the world. But I have to mention also the three Pabos, the Bonaventure, the Grande Rivière, the Cascapedia and the Sainte-Anne River, where I feel just like at home.


I was born in Gaspé and I live there. I feel gifted about this, because this place gives me everything I need: wildlife, mountains, trees, salted waters, fresh waters and over all beautiful salmon rivers. Gaspé definitely is paradise. I caught my first salmon at the age of 16 in Alaska with my father. I didn’t know at this time that this was going to be the first page of a long story. Then, at 20, I met a salmon angler, who is still the one I share my life with today. He taught me everything he knew about fly fishing and salmon. I think he didn’t expect me to become as addicted as he was. We live together in a house on the shore of the York River, so we can watch the river change with the seasons. During the summer, I am a fly fishing teacher for beginners and I am a salmon fishing guide. I am also in charge of an educative project in seven elementary schools to promote awareness of the vulnerability of the Atlantic salmon, which is financed by the Greater Gaspé Salmon Foundation. The project allows the students to witness the evolution of the salmon in their classroom, from the egg up to the release of the fry in the river. Other than that, I am known for my love for Salmo Salar and my strong belief in the catch and release practice.


Many of my friends believe that I keep some deep secrets about some special flies or some secret spots. But the truth is that I always tell them everything I know… almost everything. I like to joke, but honestly my pleasure is in sharing what I know with others. I want people to enjoy fishing as much as I do.

Personal beliefs on fly fishing

I am convinced that nature is thankful, and that it will be on your side if you respect it. Leave no trace.

Species you specialize in

Atlantic salmon

Favorite RIO Line

InTouch RIO Outbound, InTouch Single Handed Spey line


When the water is very low and quite warm, like it happens in August, salmons get less active. Then, I like to stay behind them, drop a small fly 2 meters above their nose and quickly strip the line. I love to watch them suddenly turn round and follow the fly. It is so exciting.


Try many different techniques and different flies. I think that to experiment new things is the best way to learn and is essential for fly fishing.

Parting Thoughts

Every day is different and has something to teach you. Pay attention to what surrounds you because it is talking. Learn to listen.