Float Planes and Big Teeth

by Brian Horsley


Summer is one of our busy seasons, but this June I had the opportunity to sneak away from work with a good friend and visit Scott Lake lodge in northern Saskatchewan. We went for a week of pike fishing on fly. Scott Lake offers great sight casting to big pike that feed in the warmer shallows. The chance to throw bird sized flies at big, gnarly fish was too exciting to pass up.

After a lifetime spent on the North Carolina Coast, I have saltwater running though my veins, so a fresh water adventure was very different from my day to day fishing. Needless to say, this guide needed a little help planning for the week. Any fishing adventure will benefit from some planning and research, especially one with more “extreme” conditions. My fishing friend Andy was a pike vet and had plenty of advice. Like most good lodges, Scott Lake Lodge had a great check list of information. Besides a tackle list, they had recommendations for clothing and other essentials.