RIO's Fathom Sinking Lines

RIO Products

This film highlights RIO's Fathom sinking lines - a series of sinking lines designed for the lake angler.

Each Fathom line is made as a single density line, with each sink rate being denoted by a different color running line for easy identification. Though a different color to the head, the running line sinks at the same rate as the head to ensure a consistent sink rate and depth control. The front taper of each line is built with RIO's Density Compensation which ensures the tip sinks as fast as the rest of the line.

Each line has a relatively short, easy-casting head and features one of RIO's unique hang markers to illustrate when to stop retrieving, or when to fish "the hang". A welded loop on both ends makes this line very easy to rig, and a printed "Easy ID" mark on the hang marker shows anglers exactly what line it is that they are using.