RIO's Fathom CleanSweep Sinking Lines

RIO Products

This film highlights RIO's Fathom CleanSweep sinking lines - a deadly series of sinking lines designed for the lake angler.

Each Fathom CleanSweep line is made with three different densities to ensure the fly travels in a very effective sweep through all depths of the water column - starting at the top, sweeping down deep, and then back to the surface again. This is achieved because of a slow sinking running line, a medium or fast sinking body, and a clear intermediate tip at the front end.

Each line has a relatively short, easy-casting head and features one of RIO's unique hang markers to illustrate when to stop retrieving, or when to fish "the hang". A welded loop on both ends makes this line very easy to rig, and a printed "Easy ID" mark on the front loop shows anglers exactly what line it is that they are using.