RIO's Elite Tarpon Line

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RIO's Elite Tarpon line is the perfect choice of line for angler's chasing tarpon on the flats. The line is built with RIO's incredible SlickCast, and has the perfect taper design for loading quickly and for casting tarpon flies with ease.

In this video, Simon Gawesworth talks about the key technologies that go into making this line, and what those technologies do for you as an angler and a caster. The Elite Tarpon line is built with RIO's SlickCast, which creates the slickest, most durable fly line coating ever made, as well as being made on RIO's low stretch DirectCore for maximum control, smoothness and performance.

If you are planning on chasing tarpon there is no better fly line on the market than RIO's Elite Tarpon line, so check out this line and make sure you are armed with the best saltwater line on the market.