Down & Dirty

Barry Beck


Sometimes it just goes that way, you plan a fishing trip, pick the best time for hatches and water levels, you watch the extended weather forecast and everything looks good. Perfect, you think, this is going to be great. The day finally arrives, you're packed and ready to go. One more quick look around and you're off. Maybe it's just a few hours of driving or maybe a plane ride but, whatever the case, anticipation is high. You arrive at your destination whether it be a lodge, motel or a campground, doesn't matter – you just want to get fishing. You're finally ready to wet a line when.... On the horizon the sky starts to darken and storm clouds begin to move in. You shake your head and think this doesn’t look good. You pull out your cell phone and check the local weather and there it is – strong thunder storms and possibly two to three inches of rain. You ask yourself what happened to the great weather forecast you had earlier in the day. Suddenly there’s a flash of lighting and the ground shakes with a clap of thunder. You curse the meteorologist thinking how could someone like that get it so wrong and still keep his job. You curse him again as you run for cover.